Meet the team in front and behind the stoves. A young and dynamic team that turns this dream into reality day by day
Meet us

Our Team

A young and dynamic team led by our pit boss Iratxe Miranda and chef Adrián San Julián. All our team members, day by day, shape the restaurant’s dreams into reality and bring them to your table with caring and love that you won’t forget.
Iratxe Miranda

Best Pit Boss “The Best Digital Restaurants 2020”. The perfect conductor / orchestra director. The Pit Boss cares for their team the same way she cares that every table is ready and prepared to receive guests. Detail-driven and in love with good taste, she is passionate about decoration. She is another example of how life takes us to where we belong. She began helping Koldo Miranda in the setting and organizing of weddings and events he organized; she'd leave her own touch in everything they worked on. As time passed by, she realized she wanted to be more involved in the process and became the direct connection between the kitchen and the tables. She adores contact with people and she believes that a good meal is even better with adequate information and care. More of a host than a waitress, she tries to make people enjoy Yume’s food without feeling out of place.

Adrián Sanjulián

Third place in Madrid Fusión’s Revelation Chef. He’s been part of the family for 5 years, since he arrived in Asturias for his internship and stayed. He was part of D´Miranda's team in the different stages of the Cruz de Illas (Castrillón) and in Niemeyer’s Center (Avilés). A vocational cook, creative, passionate about haute cuisine and avant-garde cooking. His culinary references are Ferrán Adriá and Andoni Luis Aduritz, not only for their receipts, but for their work ethics. He has been in many different kitchens over the years and together with his experience, he has become clear about what he wants in his own stove. In Yume, he is able to express his ideas and become a 100% the young dreamer who started cooking because a movie showed him what he could achieve through it.